Do Your Financial Goals seems like a Giant Mountain?

The 'Money Game' reveals how to harness the Power of MICROSHIFTING to start manifesting money NOW & reach any financial goal. 

Works even if you are starting from zero 

The Money Game is designed to remove your resistance to the experience of money just showing up for you. Through the power of  micro-shifts, that bypass the security systems in the mind, reprogramming them to allow for infinite possibility - you will start manifesting wealth!

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Inside My 45 Page NEW E-Book...

Inside of Money Game E-Book, I will be sharing dozens of secrets to help you 
to manifest any financial goal through the power of microshifting

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover inside of your copy of
 Money Game E-Book:

  • Why do I want you to have financial abundance? Revealed on Page 1 
  • ​How the Micro-Shifting principle got me an unexpected $200 within 48 hours of setting up the intention. Revealed on Page 4
  • The most common manifestation lie. Revealed on Page 7 
  • ​If you’re doing everything right, it’s not going wrong. Revealed on Page 8 
  • ​The space between thinking and being is where we do our creation. Revealed on Page 9
  • How to honour your beliefs & work to create flow in the direction of intended sum of money. Revealed on Page 10
  • Time is an illusion between you & the intended manifestation. Revealed on Page 9
  • ​ We are Manifestation Electro-Magnets. Revealed on Page 16
  • ​Frustration occurs when we blindly copy others.
  • ​3-phase Money Game system. Revealed on Page 22
  • ​3 possibilities with your intended money. Revealed on Page 25
  • ​ Smaller sums are vital in creating the foundations of belief, that allow the larger sums to come . Revealed on Page 31
  • ​"I need it now” creates an energy and mindset that blocks, stopping you from being able to create anything at all... Revealed on Page 31
  • ​The wins of $10-20 are worth more than someone going out and earning $1 million, because those are the sums that create the foundations of our belief. Revealed on Page 32
  • ​The energetic composition of $1 is the same as $1,000,000 and everywhere in between. Revealed on Page 34
  • ​ The Money Game Journal. Revealed on Page 42

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As You Can See...

The Money Game Has Already Helped So Many People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

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This challenge is a kickstart, to get you moving forward quickly. It will give you a day by day roadmap to follow, to get you from where you are today, to where you want to be!

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What is money really? How can we use its power (and perceived power) to our advantage?

Video 2: Close the Gap to Financial Freedom and Abundance

Most people are stuck in "Lack" or "Stability" but are ready to ascend. This hands-on training will teach you how to move up quicker than you thought possible. It starts by calculating your freedom numbers.

Video 3: Apply the "Alignment And Flow" Power Principle

You can achieve anything where there is alignment and flow. We'll do practical exercises to get your intentions, beliefs, emotional state, and actions aligned, to generate 'ceiling-shattering' results.

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Who Is Dan Mangena 
And Why Should I Read His Book?

By the time I was in my late-twenties, I was done. I wanted to check out. So much so that I actively sought a way to end my own life.


Because I thought that I was a failure and that I had exhausted the limits of my value as a human being.

To give you context: I became a millionaire when I was 19.
Having fallen afoul of the UK ‘grade scandal’ of the early 00s, and losing my place at the prestigious university of Oxford;

I had set out to prove to the system that I didn’t need anybody’s help!

With solid determination, iron will (and a massive chip on my shoulder)

I forged my entrepreneurial path with gusto (man I wish I still had the energy of that guy)!

So I made my first million by the age of 19…but what went wrong?!

A series of mistakes, financial frivolities and a cocky attitude meant that in pretty short order: I lost it all.

But I didn’t care!

I had proven to myself that I could do it. I had walked in the shoes of the person that I wanted to be already, and I knew that I could do it again.

So I started up my second business and got to work. I was going to do it again and then some…and you know what?

Within a couple of years I had attained millionaire status once more.

I was living in luxurious apartments in London, driving a Porsche, travelling first class…the works. But then guess what happened. Yup…

I lost it all for a second time.

In my naivety, I had set up the funding model for my company all wrong.

Thanks to a small (but important) technicality, my business funding was unlawful and subsequently the government stepped in and took everything.

This time I didn’t bounce back. I was done.

I thought that no matter what I did, something or someone was going to come along and take it from me.

The thought of striking out again filled me with nothing but sorrow this time around.

All that work. All that effort…and for what?

Couple that with a late diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome and I was convinced that there was nothing left in the world but failure for me.

And so I took the decision that ending my life was the only recourse I had left.

But how would I do it?

It may sound incredibly morbid, but at the time it didn’t feel quite as macabre as it reads.

Being on the Asperger’s end of the spectrum, my need for meticulous planning took over.

Multiple methods of suicide were considered and then roundly dismissed.

You see: I wasn’t afraid of death. I was just so afraid of failure that every time I considered a particular ‘method of egress’ from the world,

I would be plagued by images of me in hospital having failed at yet another thing.

I knew people who had tried to cut their wrists, only to wind up sectioned with scars on their arms. Serving forever as a scarified reminder of their failure. That’s how I saw it anyway.

I was afraid that I’d survive!

Then it all clicked for me. In my search for a way out, I was given the key that would unlock it all: me!

I recognised, finally, that I was the sole architect of my life and that if I wanted things to change, I would have to change.

It took me several years to fully unpack this and put it into practice, but the seed had been sown.

I had reclaimed my power!

From there I knew that if I wanted my experience to change, I had to change my reaction to my circumstances and start making aligned choices with what I wanted.

I also knew that I had to do the work of fully understanding my desires, why I desired them and who they were really for.

The truth is: we are all manifesting, all of the time.

If we don’t do that work though, we leave that manifestation machine at the mercy of our subconscious ‘autopilot’.

We are no longer making deliberate, conscious decisions and so the outcome appears random to us.

If we have not taken full responsibility for our experiences though, even the negative ones; we are telling ourselves the lie that we are powerless victims. And this lie will grow!

Armed with this, I went back out into the world and made my fortune once more. Several ventures and businesses later,

I decided that I would surrender to the process of simply teaching (to whoever would listen) what I had learned.

Being so purely purpose-driven has lead me to a truly abundant and joy-filled life.

I am a millionaire once more, but more than that: I am free!

Abundance is about more than just money. It is a mindset. It is a way of life, not just numbers on a screen.

  • I live in the paradise of Cabo, Mexico
  • I take walks on the beach every day
  • I have time for my young family, whenever I want it
  • ​I travel first-class
  • ​I enjoy fine wines, Rolex watches, good food…
  • ​Most importantly: I choose my life for me!

So why did I write a book called The Money Game then?
“Dan, you just got through telling us why abundance isn’t about money.”

Money is simply a facilitator. It’s stored potential. It is a signifier of the value that you have provided to others and unless you have a cash-stuffed mattress: it is just numbers on a screen.

The Money Game is therefor not focussed solely on hitting certain figures or even making you a millionaire.

It can do that if you want it to. There’s nothing to stop you using it’s teachings to manifest your way to a million bucks. Go for it!

Its real aim is to simply unlock your ‘door of possibility' and leave it open, so that you can see what’s truly able to come to you when you set an intention and get out of the way!

Focussing instead on what you’re grateful for.

Once your door is open, you can start to manifest abundance in any area of your life!

I mean think about it: once you accept that you have created an abundance of lack up until this point, then it stands to reason that you do have the power to create your reality!

So why not create a new abundant one?

Every single moment, every snap-shot of time and space is a new opportunity for change. You can start to make new choices right now!

Start with The Money game.

Follow the simple guidance and practices in this book and I promise you: you’ll begin to see real change in your finances and your life!

So many ‘gurus’ will teach you to use esoteric methods like writing cheques for your future self, putting them on the wall and then meditating…

OK great and everything but…

Where’s the action? What’s the follow-through?

No matter how powerful your technique, you still have to take some form of action in order to receive your manifestations.

Even if that action is just bending down to pick up the $100 bill that landed at your feet!

With The Money Game we take you through:

  • What manifestation is & the science behind it
  • Identifying the current edge for what you can comfortably manifest
  • Steps to regularly manifest that amount
  • Then easy to follow guidance on how to push that edge, without pushing your buttons!

This is also about getting you out of your own way, so that you are open to receiving abundance from the universe.

It’s totally human to want to control how money/opportunity/love will come to us, but we need to train ourselves to have faith and stop placing limitations on
how abundance flows to us.

So if you are:

  • Curious about manifestation & want a simple, practical guide to get you started
  • Used to seeing your manifestations come to you, but want to increase their size
  • Wanting to increase your income & need a foundation to start from
  • Already doing well, but want a way to push yourself to the next level
  • ​Just wanting to see something show up for you in your life

…or simply want a method of connecting your intentions with your physical realm and experience.

This is the book for you!

You don’t need to already be an expert in anything!

You don’t need any experience in similar practices - like I say: you’re already manifesting and have been since the day you were born!

You just need to read the book and follow the guidance.

It is that simple!

And the best thing is: I’m helping you manifest abundance before you’ve even read The Money Game!

Buy The Money Game for just $1 and you’ll also get $397 worth of bonus material absolutely FREE!

See? You’ve already generated $396 without doing anything!!

I am also offering some more of my tried and tested programs and communities to you, for one-time only, at a discount of 75%!!

How amazing is that?!

Abundance is all around us and it is your birthright. So start claiming it today.

Need More Proof ?

See what Others Manifested Playing 
The Money Game

As You Can See...

The Money Game Has Already Helped So Many People Around The World...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this book, or I'll return your $1 and let you keep the book & bonuses anyway.

That's right. . .just email me in 30 days.

 I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.
Sound fair?

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Total Value: $688

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This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before It's Gone...

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the book!

Daniel Mangena 

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter,here's the deal:

I'm e-mailing you a 45-page  E-book, "Money Game - Harness the power of MICROSHIFTING to start Manifesting money NOW" (that retails at $19)
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There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.

If fact, if you don't love the book - I'll even refund your $1 and let you keep the book & bonuses anyway.

So, Click the button below to get your copy now. You won't regret it.

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